Silverfoiltubes International Inc. is an international manufacturer and supplier of  premium and high quality filtered cigarette tubes and rolling papers for the worldwide market.  Only the finest materials are used in our production and packaging processes to ensure the production of the best cigarette tubes and rolling papers.  This includes paper, packaging materials and filter raw material sourced from some of the world’s largest and most renowned suppliers.

The majority of our company is being run by established and highly experienced operatives who have been in the cigarette industry for more than thirty years producing internationally renowned brands and are currently active in production, quality control, and research and development. We work with our clients from start to finish to ensure a successful production of the best cigarette tube and cigarette rolling paper products.

The company has the capability and capacity to supply the best cigarette tubes encompassing a variety of characteristics including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Cigarette Tubes, King Size 84mm
  • 100mm Cigarette Tubes
  • Ultra Slim Cigarette Tubes 6.5mm
  • Micro Slim Cigarette Tubes 5.5mm
  • Cigarette Filtered Tubes, Full Flavor
  • Cigarette Filtered Tubes, Lights
  • Menthol Cigarette Tubes
  • Cigar Tubes
  • Custom Cigarette Filtered Tubes
  • Coloured Cigarette Tubes
  • Flavoured Cigarette Tubes
  • Cigarette Tubes with Capsulated Filter
  • Cigarette Tubes with Charcoaled Filter
  • Cigarette Herbal Tubes
  • A wide selection of tipping paper colours and line designs
  • Filter lengths of 15mm, 17mm, 20mm and 25mm
  • Box sizes of 50 count, 100 count, 200 count and 250 count
  • Our boxes are designed with a signature locking system which will protect the tubes from falling out

The company has the capability and capacity to supply filter tips encompassing a variety of characteristics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Lengths of 15mm, 17mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm
  • Diameters of 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm
  • Menthol filter tips
  • Packaging in ziploc bags in any quantity

The company has the capability and capacity to supply cigarette rolling papers encompassing a variety of characteristics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Rolling Papers, Single Width, 36 x 70
  • Rolling Papers, Spanish 1 1/4, 44 x 78
  • Rolling Papers, King Size Slim, 44 x 110
  • Rolling Papers, Regular White
  • Rolling Papers, Natural Unrefined Brown
  • Rolling Papers, Organic Hemp Fiber
  • Flavoured Rolling Papers

Our papers are made in France and use natural Arabic gum as the adhesive.  They are certified as Non-GMO and Vegan and use only sustainable fibres from either annual renewable grown hemp or FSC compliant manufacturing for wood papers. Both fibres are from Totally Chlorine Free production systems to abide by our eco-friendly policy.

The papers are interleaved and packed using the most advanced European machines and the booklets are made from high grammage material to provide extra protection.


In addition, Silverfoiltubes International Inc. proudly manufactures several specialty cigarette tube products including, but not limited to, the following:


Vera Cruz


  • The Vera Cruz cigarette tubes
    (the world’s first line of premium, luxury cigarette tube)





Our company has already successfully produced cigarette tubes for the growing worldwide market including several successful and innovative brands for the United States, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Australian market – with much more to come. This spirit of innovation, high quality, affordability, and forward thinking is the hallmark of Silverfoiltubes International Inc.  With our continued investment in Research and Development, we aim to become a one stop shop supplier of MYO products.

We look forward to continuing to service your MYO needs now and well into the future.